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The Need

Hungry children are an issue in our community. Although students get fed at school on school days, many go hungry on weekends. Viking Vittles send food home with preschool and elementary aged children so that they can eat over the weekend. This means that they are better prepared to learn when they return to school.  There are no income restrictions for participating in Viking Vittles.

During the 2023-2024 school year, Viking Vittles is distributing 286 bags of food each week to feed children on weekends. During the summer, bags of food are distributed in three locations in the North Branch School District. The average cost of a bag of food is over $4. It costs almost almost $1,200 each week to fill those bags. 

Viking Vittles also works to feed older students through Care Closets in the Middle School, the High School, and the Alternative Learning Center (ALC)

All of these programs feed hungry children. By making sure children have food over the weekend, we are also making sure that they are better prepared to learn on school days. All of these programs cost money. We need your help to continue to feed our children.

Make a difference: Sponsor a child

All money donated to Viking Vittles goes directly to cover the cost of food. Trinity Lutheran Church provides space to operate the program but receives no financial reimbursement from Viking Vittles. 

  • Sustaining Sponsor: $15 a month will feed one child  each weekend throughout the month
  • SILVER STAR: $600 annuallywill feed three children each weekend throughout the school year
  • GOLD STAR: $1000 annually will feed five children each weekend throughout the school year

How do I sponsor a child or donate to Vikings Vittles?

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Payable to: Viking Vittles PO Box 447 North Branch, MN 55056 Vikings Vittles

You can make a difference in the life of a child. By feeding a child over the weekend, you ensure that the child returns to school better prepared to learn. 

More about Viking Vittles Programs

Weekend Backpack Program

The Weekend Backpack program distributes bags of food all year. Bags usually contain 2 breakfast items, 2 lunch items, 2 snacks, a fruit, and a vegetable. During the summer, string cheese and fresh produce may also be available.

School Year distribution 

Bags of food are distributed to children weekly at school. Parents need to enroll their child/children in the program. There are no eligibility requirements. We currently distribute 286 bags of food to children each week. This food provides nourishment to the children over the weekend so that they can come to school Monday morning better prepared to learn.

Summer food distribution

During the summer bags of food are distributed at North Branch Central Park, Trinity Lutheran Church in North Branch, and at Stacy Lions Park.

Care Closets

Care Closets serve students at the high school, middle school and Alternative Learning Center. Students can select from food items, school supplies, personal care products, jackets, hats and gloves. Check with school personnel about access to a Care Closet.

For more information about Viking Vittles 

  • Email us at for more information
  • Call Donna Setter at 612-363-5072.
  • If you would like to have someone speak to your organization about Viking Vittles, please contact Donna Setter or email